Julia is a NY-based multidisciplinary artist with background in Illustration and Reportage drawing (Parsons School of Design, Dalvero Academy). She crafts one-of-a-kind art pottery in her East Williamsburg ceramics studio in Brooklyn, NY.

As a ceramic artist of 9 years, Julia works in a series format. She creates functional and sculptural objects. In 2015-2016, she completed a series of 5 sculptures for the Mystic Seaport Museum in CT, titled “Back to Nature”.  It highlighted milestones in our relationship to whales from the 19th century to today. Her next ceramic series of 2017, titled “Porcelain Grove”, focused on cultural symbolism of trees from around the world and their role in environmental issues today. “Porcelain Grove” was exhibited at the Choplet Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Today, Julia is in the midst of another series, exploring the science behind our physical reality.

Julia cherishes each vessel that survives the long journey from the wedging board to the potter's wheel through multiple fires. Her approach to glazing is akin to her mixed-media drawing: Julia combines underglaze paints with various glaze textures, and uses stencils for intricate designs.

You can follow Julia's work here:

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